The Real Arizona Coalition has been working for more than three years to help educate Arizonans about various issues surrounding immigration and to promote bipartisan, civil discourse that would eventually lead to a broad-based platform that business, faith and civic leaders can all embrace. Now, that time has come. Together, we introduce the S.A.N.E. platform, which serves as guiding principles that address the myriad concerns associated with our current immigration system and offers a S.A.N.E. solution to federal immigration reform.



The Gang of Eight, a group of U.S. senators leading comprehensive immigration reform in Congress, released proposed legislation on April 17. Read the bill here.

Reaction from members of The Real Arizona Coalition, as published in the Arizona Republic:


Seize the moment

“We must seize this moment to create a new chapter for Arizona. We have the chance to leverage our high profile on immigration to help Arizona’s congressional delegation get the job done while repairing damage to our state’s image. Arizona can earn the position as the state that provided leadership at every level, demonstrated civil discourse and the rewards of compromise, and promoted the richness of diverse communities and the Arizona we love.

We cannot allow this present opportunity slip through our collective fingers. We cannot allow federal leadership to fail, and for the 50 states of this great nation be left, once again, fending for themselves.  It’s up to each of us to stand up, stand tall and stand together in supporting comprehensive immigration reform.”

– Denise Resnik, co-founder of The Real Arizona Coalition, which is pressing for comprehensive reform


Leadership requires compromise

“This proposed legislation to create a workable immigration system is critical to everyone in this country. We are grateful to see Arizona’s senators leading in a bipartisan fashion by developing this bill. Leadership, by definition, requires compromise. And while no interest group or stakeholder will get exactly what he or she wants, we cannot allow this present opportunity — to create a workable immigration system — slip through our collective fingers. Congress must act now to support this comprehensive, viable immigration bill to for a 21st-century economy. The final legislation will result in a better world for all of us.”

– Lisa Urias, co-founder of The Real Arizona Coalition


Assurances needed

“The U.S. Senate’s “Gang of Eight” outline for federal immigration reform is an excellent start. AZEIR fully supports their efforts to ensure border security, streamline the visa process, provide employers a reasonable mechanism for hiring needed workers, recovering costs and addressing those who are here without legal status. It is clear a lot of thought went into this effort.

AZEIR’s concerns center on the regulations that will be necessary to enforce the new law. What assurance do we have the problems with E-Verify will be addressed? If employers follow the rule of law, will they be granted safe harbor or put at risk, as they are here in Arizona? Should visa allotments be based on percentages or the demands of a free market? Why are the initial employment visa caps so low? Will stakeholders have a say in fee structures?

Tackling immigration is a thankless job and we commend Senators McCain and Flake for representing Arizona and her interests well. Our hope is they and Arizona’s entire congressional delegation return home and meet with those who have more practical experience in these matters than nearly anyone. It’s a good start. Together, we can make it better.”

– Todd Landfried, executive director of Arizona Employers for Immigration Reform



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Arizona has always been a diverse state. Yet the state is wrongly perceived today as rejecting its cultural diversity. The Real Arizona Coalition is proud of our rich cultural and historical heritage and encourages federal policies needed to ensure our short- and long-term economic prosperity.

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